Satyavadi Harishchandra

Satyavadi Harishchandra

By on June 6, 2017
Satyavadi Harishchandra

King Harishchandra was known for his habit of speaking the truth. His name was “Satyavadi Harishchandra” too, because he never used to lie. King Harishchandra was one of the most intelligent and sincere disciples of Maharishi Vashishtha. Once Vishwamitra asked to Maharishi Vashishtha, “Who is your most upright disciple”. Maharishi Vashishtha said that Harishchandra is my most upright disciple and I did not find an honest disciple like him. But Vishwamitra still did not believe that a person could be so honest. He told Vashishtha that I will take a test of your disciple then will know how honest he is. Maharishi Vashishtha accepted Vishwamitra’s suggestion. After this, Vishwamitra started his journey to King Harishchandra’s kingdom. One night he came in a Harishchandra’s dream and he demanded king’s whole state in a donation. Harishchandra donated all his state to the saint. But when the sleep of Harishchandra opened in the morning, he thought that I had donated my whole state last night. But who was that saint who came to my dreams? After a while, Vishwamitra appeared in front of Harishchandra in the disguise of a saint. And he told Harishchandra that he’s the one who came in your dream yesterday. I have come here to get your state which you donated me last night. Harishchandra said politely to Baba (saint) all this is yours, I was waiting for you to come. Vishwamitra’s said that but according to tradition, after giving donation Dakshina also has to be given. Harishchandra summoned his soldier and said that bring the Dakshina to the saint. Seeing this, Vishwamitra said that which is already mine, how can you give it to me again in the Dakshina? Harishchandra went to the city with his wife Shaivya and son Rohitashva to arrange for the Dakshina of a saint. Harishchandra sold himself and collected some money, but Saint said that I want more Dakshina. Later Harishchandra sold his wife and son to a Brahmin. The Brahmin was none other than Vishwamitra himself. Shaivya had to work a lot there. Vishwamitra used to be very harsh with Shaivya. The queen who had more than 100 servants of her own. Today she was living a maid’s life. Shaivya was also giving full support to her husband’s promise. Vishwamitra takes the form of a snake and bites Rohitashva. The people of village give this information to Shaivya; she immediately goes to Brahmin and asks for leave. But the Brahmin denies him by saying that I don’t care whether your son survives from that snake bite or not. First, you have to finish your today’s work, after that you go anywhere. After finishing all her work, Shaivya reaches her son’s dead body. After she arrived she cried a lot. She used to be a queen, but today she does not have enough money to buy Shroud for her son. He torn a small piece of his Saree and uses it as a shroud. She reaches the crematorium, where Harishchandra works to burn dead bodies. Harishchandra asks for a tax to burn the dead body. But Shaivya says that she does not have tax. She says that I couldn’t even buy a shroud for my son, so how do I give you tax. Harishchandradid not know that the woman is none other than his wife and the person whom she came to perform the funeral is his son. Then suddenly there is a light comes and both see each other.Shaivya says to Harishchandra, this is your son I have come here to do our son’s funeral. Harishchandra weeps when he realizes that his son died. But he was also sure about his duties.He was saying the same thing repeatedly that I will not let the body burn without paying the tax. Then the Queen was removing her Saree to pay taxes. Suddenly there is a prophecy comes from the sky. All the deity, Maharishi Vashishtha, and Vishwamitra appear. Vishwamitra explains to Harishchandra that I was taking your test. You succeeded in that and you proved that you are truly truthful.