The Beginning Of East Company In India

The Beginning Of East India Company

By on February 27, 2018

The Beginning Of East Company In India


Everyone must have heard the name of East India Company.  The East India Company was famous for its business methods. East India Company became more famous when they made their first step in India. Having done business for a long time, they made India their slave. By strengthening its hold on the Mughals, the way the company had expanded in India, It is impossible to forget. There was a time when the company dominating the whole world. The company had taken possession of several countries on its own. Now the question arises how the East India Company came to India. Around the year 1600, some English merchants took permission from England’s Queen Elizabeth to trade in India.  Therefore, East India Company was formed. After this, in 1608, a ship named Hector reached India. The captain’s name was Sir William Hawkins. The ship’s captain was Sir William Hawkins. On August 24, 1608, the ship reached Surat. At that time Surat used to be India’s main trading center. Hawkins came to India only due to trade. Hawkins had come as an ambassador of England; therefore, Mughal emperor Jahangir welcomed him. Jahangir was not aware that the people whom he is welcoming today, tomorrow he will rule British India. Jahangir was not aware that the people whom he is welcoming today, tomorrow they will rule India. Before the arrival of the British, Portuguese had come to India. And they attracted Jahangir a lot. Now Hawkins had to remove the Portuguese from his path. That’s why he provoked Jahangir against the Portuguese. Initially, he had to face the problem, but slowly he managed his plan. Even he received important rights and privileges from Jahangir. He wanted to destroy the Portuguese business in Surat.  Later Hawkins robbed Portuguese ships soon afterward. On February 6, 1663, Jahangir issued a royal decree. Under this, the British got permission to build a factory in Surat. Jahangir also permitted that an English ambassador could be present in his court. Under which Sir Thomas Roe was brought to India as Ambassador in 1615. When Thomas arrived in India, he realized that Portuguese could make trouble for them. Thomas was famous throughout Britain for his diplomacy. Perhaps that’s why he was called to India. He was very close to Queen Elizabeth. Thomas started his work soon. Thomas found that if Britishers want to trade again in India, then he would need another royal decree. For this, he took the help of Hawkins and then he reached Jahangir’s court. He assured Jahangir that the British are stronger than the Portuguese. Thomas also told Jahangir that the British would make more profits for India in business. Jahangir liked this plan of Thomas. And both decided that the company would be given the privilege. As soon as the East India Company got the privilege, they started opening more factories. Factories were opened in Ahmedabad, Agra, Behrampur, and Surat. The area of Bengal was near the beach that is why it was chosen for business. And here also factories were established. Slowly the company’s dominance spread across India. The company completely eradicated Portuguese domination from India. There is no doubt about how fast the company had captured all over the country. The British who came to India with a small fund ruled here for 200 years.

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