Unconfirmed Question Related To Qutub Minar?

By on January 25, 2018

Unconfirmed Question Related To Qutub Minar?


Qutub Minar is an unsurpassed sample of construction efficiency. Qutab-ud-din Aibak constructed it in 1192. This building was nearly destroyed due to an earthquake in 1505. Later, Sikander Lodi had repaired it. Another earthquake in 1803 caused great damage to the building. Today tourists are not allowed to go inside to the Qutub Minar. Because the doors here have been officially closed. Why this is so, we will discuss it today. Qutub Minar is about 800 years old and the people who have come here have claimed that they feel the presence of someone around this building. Here in Qutub Minar, Paranormal investigators have claimed the presence of unknown powers here at night. Before 1974, tourists were allowed to enter the Qutub Minar. But on December 4, 1981, due to an accident, doors of the Qutub Minar were closed forever. 400 people were inside it on December 4, 1981, and they were going top using stairs. The inside stairs are so small that at one time only one can go up or down. There are 379 stairs inside and there is no special arrangement of light. Light bulbs were installed there for light. But suddenly the power off and the people became scared and they started running. Stairs were very small, so it was not easy to get off quickly. 45 people were killed in this stampede, most of them were children. Since that incident has been banned from entering the Qutub Minar. Paranormal Researchers also mentioned an unknown power around this building in their report. According to them, the energy of those dead people is still present here. According to the administration, there is no safety inside here so it has been closed. What strange power is within the Qutub Minar, it is still a mystery. And are the doors of Qutub Minar closed due to all these reasons? Some questions are unresolved and it is good for everyone.

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