What Is The Future Of Hindu Religion?

By on December 22, 2017

What Is The Future Of Hindu Religion?


If you are the parent of a Hindu child, then you must ask yourself a question. If you or your child does not find the right answers to those questions. Then do you think your Hindu religion will survive? When your children grow up and their children will be in this world. Then you may be thinking that Hindutva is still in a good position and other people cannot influence the faith of this great religion. We have been successful in saving the existence of our Hindutva for thousands of years. We are moving forward at a very fast pace today. Our scientists are making their name around the world. We are known as an ideal minority on foreign soil. Today our temple is located in every part of the world. We have taught people to take care of their health through yoga. Today, people around the world are engaged in learning about this achievement and the pursuit of knowledge. However, we are definitely upset with some politicians who do not want to give us the right result of our hard work. But apart from all this, our Hindu religion is moving in the right direction. We feel proud when a Hindu person wins the election. But there are some things that we are unable to understand. In future, the existence of a political and intellectual conflict will definitely face each other. Maybe this feeling of victory can turn into arrogance. In the re-formation of Hindu civilization, we all should give our contribution. This religion has the attitude of a personality and meaningful Hindu religion at the same time. Our deity and our fictional and real stories of the past, can’t reassure Hindu religion. For this, let us go ahead and face the challenges of today.

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