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What Is The Secret Of Water Tank Of Bhimkund?

What Is The Secret Of Water Tank Of Bhimkund?

By on February 16, 2018

What Is The Secret Of Water Tank Of Bhimkund?


India is a country of full of mysteries. Despite today’s modern science, there are many mysteries of India which are still unresolved.  Today we will talk about Bhimkund. Bhimkund is a natural water tank which is a holy place in Odisha and is located in Keonjhar District. Due to being a natural resource, its water is drinkable. But no one knows where the water from this tank comes from. Due to the drought, this area has to suffer from water scarcity. But it is amazing that there is no effect on water tank because of drought. There have been several attempts to measure the depth of Bhimkund, but none of them succeeded. The depth of drinking water reservoirs are usually not high, but Bhimkund is very deep. According to locals, after being drowned in this tank, your body never comes in the top of the surface. The dead body of the person goes into the infinite depth of this tank. Some people believe, whenever a natural disaster is coming, then there is a stir in the water tank. During the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, waves of 20 feet high began to rise in this water tank. That incident surprised the whole world at that time. Later, a team of Discovery Channel came to check the reservoir of Bhimkund. But despite trying for several days, they failed to know about the depth and source of this water tank. At first, the team claimed that the source of the water of the tank is from the sea. But how does water from sea come to this tank, they did not have the answer to that question. The water of this tank is clean and potable. On the other hand, you cannot drink ocean water. The administration here also tried to empty the tank with the help of a pump. But they also failed. According to ancient legend, when Draupadi was thirsty, Bhima tried a lot but he could not find any water. Then he hit the ground with his mace (Gada) and then the water tank was formed. And since then, there is no shortage of water in this tank. Perhaps in the future, the mystery of this water tank can be traced.

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