Who Was The Founder Of Hastinapur?

Who Was The Founder Of Hastinapur?

By on December 10, 2017

Who Was The Founder Of Hastinapur?


As we know, the story of the Mahabharata started from King Bharata. He played an important role in establishing the great city of Hastinapura in the Mahabharata. Bharata was the son of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala. After the marriage of Bharata, king Dushyanta had handed over the throne to him. King Bharata had 3 wives and they had 9 sons. In old age, Bharata was concerned about the heir to the throne. Because according to tradition, the eldest son had the right to sit on the throne. Bharata discussed this problem with his sons and ministers. But king Bharata soon came to know that none of his sons was able to rule. Then he thought it would be appropriate to hand over the throne to the eldest son without any option. Then king Bharata remembered his past how his parents handed him the throne when he was in the womb. King Bharata was also a great warrior like his father. During his reign, the people were very happy. He felt that after his death, his son would not be able to give full justice to the people of his kingdom. Therefore, instead of his son, he decided to make someone else his successor. Then the thought of a young man came to the mind of King Bharata. And he was also very powerful and clever. He had so much potential that he could handle king Bharata’s empire. One day king Bharata convened a meeting in his court.  And in that meeting, king Bharata declared Bhumanyu his successor. After listening to this decision, all the people in the court were surprised. All the people wanted to know why king Bharata made Bhumanyu his successor. Then king Bharata invited Bhumanyu to the meeting and said that you are the only person who is worthy of this throne. I do not want to do injustice to this throne by sitting my sons on the throne. So I choose you, my successor. Later, King Bhumanyu had ruled quite well after king Bharata died. After Bhumanyu, his son Suhotra had ruled the kingdom. After Suhotra, his son Hasti had ruled the kingdom. Hasti had established Hastinapur.  And here the whole story of Mahabharata was started.