Why Did Lord Shiva Kill Sudama?

Why Did Lord Shiva Kill Sudama?

By on January 4, 2018

Why Did Lord Shiva Kill Sudama?


Today we will discuss why Lord Shiva killed Sudama. Shri Krishna’s friend Sudama, he is famous for his friendship in the scriptures. But there was a form of Sudama which forced Lord Shiva to slaughter him. Sudama and Viraja used to live in the special part of heaven (Goloka). Viraja loved Shri Krishna. On the other hand, Sudama also fell in love with Viraja. Once Radha had seen Krishna and Viraja in love with each other. Then Radha cursed Viraja that she will remain on earth from now on. After this, Radha cursed Sudama for some reason. Because of which Sudama had left Goloka and had come to earth. After the death, Sudama was born in the form of demon Shankhchud. After the death, Viraja was born as Tulsi. It is said that Shankhchud was given the boon by Lord Brahma. He got a shield as the boon. Brahmdev had also said that till Tulsi’s faith will be on you, nobody will win you. For this reason, Shankhchud won a lot of wars and he became the master of all the three realms. Disturbed by the Atrocities of Shankhchud, the deities went to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu asked them to seek advice from Lord Shiva. On request of the deities, Mahadev decided to help them. It was difficult to kill the Shankhchud because of the boon of Lord Brahma. So, in the end, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of the Shankhchud in the form of a Brahmin. And in the alms demanded his armor from them, which Brahmadev had given to him. Shankhchud immediately gave his armor to Lord Vishnu. Later Lord Vishnu went in front of Tulsi wearing armor. Seeing the armor, Tulsi felt that he is her husband. And respected them, due to which the sanctity of Tulsi was dissolved. The power of the Shankhchud was dependent on the sanctity of his wife. But after this incident, his wife’s power was got neutralized. After the boon ended, Lord Shiva slaughtered Shankhchud and liberated the deities. Thus, Lord Shiva slaughtered the rebirth of Sudama, who was the Shankhchud.

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