Why Did Shri Krishna Slaughter Ekalavya?

By on January 7, 2018

Why Did Shri Krishna Slaughter Ekalavya?


Ekalavya was the important character of Mahabharata, whereby we all are familiar. He was a young prince of Nishadha; Ekalavya was the son of Hiranyadhanus. At that time the power of his kingdom was similar to the big states like Magadha, Hastinapur, Mathura, and Chanderi. Nishadraj Hiranyadhanus received a son from Queen Sulekha, whose name was Abhidhum. At the age of 5, Ekalavya’s education was organized in Gurukul. From childhood, Abhidhum was very interested in weaponology. Looking at, Abhidhum’s hard work, his Guru named him Ekalavya. Ekalavyas wife’s name was Sunita. Their parents were very good friends. Ekalavya wanted to get higher education in archery. At that time the name of the Guru Drona was at the top. But he used to teach only Brahmin and Kshatriyas. And he was staunch opponents of teaching the Shudras. Ekalavya’s father explained him a lot that Guru Drona will not teach you. But Ekalavya told his father that when Guru Drona will see my archery passion, he will definitely accept me as his student. But as Ekalavya’s father said, same happened, Guru Drona throw him out from his ashram. But Ekalavya also decided that he would not come back home without getting the education from Guru Drona. Ekalavya soon attained mastery in archery. Once Dronacharya came to the forest with his students and dog, where Ekalavya resided. At that time Ekalavya was practicing archery. After seeing to Ekalavya, the dog started barking on it, due to which the practice of Ekalavya was being dissolved. After a while, Ekalavya closed the dog’s mouth through his arrows. It was surprising that there was no harm to the dog with those arrows. Guru Drona and the disciple were amazed after seeing that dog. So, they all started looking for the archer. Guru Drona wanted that archery was limited to Brahmin and Kshatriya only. But when he saw such a skill archer (Shudra), he became worried. Only then did he remember that he had promised to make Arjuna the best archers in the world. Drona asked Ekalavya, how did you learn this archery? Eklavya replied, ‘Acharya from you. Ekalavya pointed towards the statue made from the soil of Guru Drona. Drona asked Ekalavya to give his right-hand thumb. Ekalavya immediately cuts his thumb and offered it to Guru Drona. After donating a right-hand thumb, Ekalavya returned to his father. Although Ekalavya had attained mastery in archery, even without a thumb. In today’s time thumbs are not used in archery. It would not be wrong to say that Ekalavya is the father of modern archery. After father’s death, he became the leader of Nishadhas. Even he also constitutes a large army and Navy of Bhils. According to Vishnu Purana, after becoming king of the Nishadha dynasty, together with Jarasandha army, Ekalavya attacked Mathura. And he had wiped out Mathura’s army almost. When Shri Krishna saw the Ekalavya using the bow with the help of his four fingers without the thumb, he was amazed. Ekalavya alone was able to stop hundreds of Yadava warriors. In this war, Krishna had murdered Ekalavya by deceit. Ekalavyas son, Ketuman was killed in the battle of Mahabharata by Bhima. After the war, when Pandavas was discussing their gallantry. Then Krishna told Arjuna that I have done all the wrong things in your love. People call you the best archers in the world. Because I have got killed Guru Drona, warrior Karna, and Ekalavya for you.

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